Our Sales and Distribution Network

As Dinamo, we have made the most important investment in both sales and distribution in the sector. We positioned ourselves as rivals to world’s giant producers in the same industry. In 2018, we exported over 500,000 hotel slippers to various European countries. By the end of 2019, this number increased exponentially. With the beginning of 2020, we have also included our cosmetic products which will have more contribution in country's exports. In 2021, we target to become an important player in the FMCG sector with the investments we made in our cosmetics production line. Our production line produces suitable products for your corporate identity, brand and customer satisfaction. Transferring your preference and dreams to production is among the Dinamo Group goals. In doing so, our aim is to maintain the quality of your brand while providing cost advantage. To breath tomorrow, disinfect today, put on your mask!

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